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ATO Fraud is an attack where cybercriminals steal login credentials to online accounts or buy a list of stolen credentials. After gaining credentials, cybercriminals can deploy bots to access different websites to log in on different websites, including retail, ecommerce, travel, social media, finance, etc.

Eventually, the attackers successfully create a list of verified and working credentials that they can use to abuse the accounts or sell those credentials, causing identity theft. Here we will discuss how ATO fraud works and how you can protect against it.

Different ways of working on the ATO fraud

Users don't change their passwords frequently, and a common practice is using the same password on different sites because it is easier to remember. Cybercriminals can easily access those passwords, and your account will stay venerable for as long as you don't change a password. Here are some different ways Account Takeover fraud works.

You can read the entire article on the Protectumus blog:

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